Longoria Auto Detail is a new business offering full interior and exterior details for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RV’s and big rigs.

The E-T sat down with owners Zach Longoria and Shai Quarles to discuss the weirdest vehicles they had to detail and what makes them stand out as a new business.

This is what we learned:

1. Longoria Auto Detail was first opened by Longoria and his uncle when they were living in Arkansas.

2. Longoria moved to Stephenville and started dating Quarles. He was originally working in Nissan in Granbury as a parts manager but wanted to open the auto detail shop in Stephenville.

3. Longoria Auto Detail officially opened in Stephenville in July 2019.

4. Quarles started a Facebook page which blew up overnight.

“Within two weeks, I had to quit my job at Nissan because I couldn’t be there and be here and manage both of them at the same time,” Longoria said.

5. Along with interior and exterior detailing, Longoria Auto Detail offers ceramic coating and is starting to offer window tinting and audio installation.

6. They also work on commercial vehicles.

“We love doing commercial vehicles because we believe that if you’re going to show up to a job and you’re presenting your business for the first time to a customer, you need to show up with a clean ride every time,” Longoria said. “First impressions are always the biggest.”

7. Longoria said most customers don’t know the extent of what they do as far as detailing.

“We’ve had cars that are completely trashed and even the customers thought there was no way around getting it to look better and we’ve transformed them into almost brand-new vehicles,” he said. “We have a lot of our customers that tell us their vehicle looks like it just rolled off the lot.”

8. The pair sees all kinds of messes and stains when detailing, but their worst one was in Iredell.

“Some guy had a bird fly through his window and explode in the backseat,” Longoria said.

“We’ve found some rats’ nests in cars,” Quarles added.

9. One thing that makes Longoria Auto Shop unique is their customer service.

“We always make sure to call our customers before we move ahead with something,” Longoria said. “The other day we had a customer where the interior of her Tahoe was completely stained. We were going through more chemicals than what we were expecting. I gave her a call and I told her, ‘We’re going to have to charge you extra for the heavy stain removal. We can leave it as is right now or we can move forward and get them completely out.’ She was really happy with that and thankful that we at least gave her a call and let her know so that way when she showed up, she didn’t have an extra charge on top of what her detail already costed her.”

10. Longoria Auto Detail’s slogan is “We put pride in your ride.”

“We’re not here to rip anybody off. We’re here to do what we say,” Longoria said. “We treat every customer’s car like it’s our own.”

11. Longoria Auto Detail does not have set hours of operation. They pick up and drop off cars depending on the convenience of the customer. To schedule a pickup, call 254-459-9634.