A long-awaited trip to Israel by members of the Cowboy Church of Erath County has opened an unexpected opportunity for others in Stephenville.

The church is partnering with the Father’s House Foundation, a non-profit Christian education foundation focused on Israel, to conduct an educational exploration of the Holy Land Oct. 6-18.

But in a surprising twist of events, by December 2019, all 50 available seats were filled so the airline offered a second block of seats and a second flight has been reserved for Oct. 23-Nov. 5.

“This amazing area-wide interest has convinced us to secure this second flight for the entire Stephenville community,” said Pastor Werth Mayes.

Mayes explains that Father’s House provides a uniquely different approach to the Holy Land Experience.

“This is not a commercial tourist experience,” he said. “Rather, it is an exploration of true Bible history and archeologically verified sites and events.”

Doug and Toby Harrison of Stephenville are coordinating the trip.

“Toby and I have made three trips and are going again,” Doug said. “Every trip takes us deeper into the Bible and its reliability.”

The trip hosts will be Dr. John and Roxie Turner who have led more than two dozen trips for Father’s House.

Each trip includes time in the regions of Galilee, Jordan, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

A trip information meeting will be held from 6:30-8 p.m. at Cowboy Church on Thursday, April 23, for individuals interested in going.

Expenses amount to $4,890 and is all inclusive except for lunches and insurance.

The deadline to register is June 5.

Individuals or churches interested in this trip can text “Israel 2020” to 559-905-0815 or email Sandra Williams at swilliams@fathershousefoundation.com.