If you haven’t stopped by the Cozy House Café - Kilted Coffee in Dublin yet, you are missing out.

The quaint, coffee shop located in downtown Dublin is only a few months old but has already become a favorite among the locals.

The E-T sat down with owner Dillon Richey to discuss the most popular drinks and what makes the Cozy House Café unique.

Here are a few fun facts about the new business:

1. Cozy House Café opened right before Thanksgiving last year.

2. Richey already owned the building through his wife’s pet grooming business, Dublin Dog Den. The Dublin Dog Den moved into a bigger building and Richey said the prospect of a coffee shop seemed like the “perfect fit.”

“I love coffee and the concept of a coffee shop is so cool and it seemed like the right fit for what downtown Dublin needed,” he said.

3. The menu consists of coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, frappuccinos, smoothies and teas.

4. Teas consist of green tea, jasmines, raspberry hibiscus, black Earl Grey and more. A peach tea will be available soon.

5. The coffee shop is about to expand into bulk coffee that will initially carry 10-12 flavors.

“We’ll have some flavored coffee, so we have our Irish mocha which is one of our signature drinks but we put that into a roast, so you can buy a whole bean or we'll grind it and it gives that Irish mocha flavor that you can take home with you,” Richey said.

6. They are also about to carry single source coffees.

“Most coffee comes in a blend, so you get a house blend of coffee and it’s coffee from all over the world, or you can start isolating those different flavors and figure out what you like,” Richey said. “We’ll have Ethiopian and Guatemalan and Columbian so we’re going to rotate around through the single source and give people some options there.”

7. The Irish mocha, marvel mocha macchiato and the white chocolate mocha are the three top sellers.

“We’ve got all the fancy coffees, but you can come in and get just a regular cup of coffee,” Richey said. “It’s still a much higher end coffee than most people are used to drinking.”

8. The café also sells scones in a variety of flavors like fruity, chocolate and the favorite – the breakfast scone – which consists of egg, ham, cheddar and cheese all packed into one big scone.

“We’re a small place, so the only thing we bake in-house is our scones, but our scones are spectacular,” Richey said.

9. They carry their own brand of coffee called Kilted Coffee and Richey’s youngest son drew the label that is seen on the Kilted Coffee brand and on their Facebook page. Richey said graphic designers are going to take the design and convert it into T-shirts and hats to sell.

10. Cozy House Café hosts events like Painting with the Masters and an Open Mic Night. Richey said he plans to start hosting an Open Mic Night on a weekly basis.

“We want to bring more stuff to Dublin [and add] reasons for people to stay in Dublin for entertainment. We’ve got big things coming,” he added.

11. Their hours of operation are 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sunday.