Members of the Stephenville Knights of Columbus are celebrating the decision to sponsor a billboard for Choices Clinic installed on Hwy. 377 in August.

They say the billboard inspired a young pregnant woman planning to terminate the pregnancy to change her mind.  

According to Mike Coggins, member of the Knights of Columbus, the woman saw the sign that reads, “Pregnant, Scared? We can Help!” and contacted Choices Clinic.  

Ginny Warden with Choices said the young mother saw it as “a sign from God.” 

“The baby was born and is doing fine,” Warden said. 

Mike Hill, who chaired the billboard project, called the news “rewarding.” 

“I would like to say what a rewarding experience this project has been,” Hill said. “Thanks to everyone at Choices, the Knights and all others involved for their hard work in helping make this project a success.”