“We all sat down at the table and everyone shared the same vision and here we are today.” - founding president of the Cowboy Capital Pro Rodeo Association Chad Decker 

A group of like-minded individuals interested in boosting Stephenville’s PRCA Rodeo gathered in 2013 to build upon a foundation set by the Erath County Livestock Association decades earlier. 

The goal was to have a PRCA Rodeo in Stephenville worthy of carrying the title “Cowboy Capital of the World.” 

Over the next several years Stephenville’s Pro Rodeo had increases in multiple areas like prize money, fan attendance and sponsor support. Throw in several awards and nominations for Rodeo of the Year by the PRCA as well as the WPRA and you have strong evidence that Stephenville’s Pro Rodeo established a reputation as one of the best pro rodeos in the country. 

The success of the Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo is contributed to multiple reasons, but love of the sport, seeded deep in the original founding members is truly what set the plan in motion. 

So when four of those people stepped off the board in 2019 after six years of service, a heartfelt thank you and appreciation was shown to them during a small gathering this week among their peers. 

Special recognition was given to Chad Decker (CCPRA founding president); Charles Turner (CCPRA founding vice president); Renee Smathers (CCPRA founding treasurer); and Cody Brister (CCPRA founding board member).