The 2018-2019 Texas Academic Performance Report presented during Monday’s school board meeting shows that students at Stephenville ISD performed equal to or higher than the state on the STAAR test.

The summary reports that SISD’s overall score was a 90, which is higher to last year’s 89.

In reading and science, SISD scored higher than the region and state but lower in social studies.

“One of the improvements that has occurred this year in response includes an elevated focus on thinking in regard to history,” Henderson Junior High Principal Renee Goodwin told the board. “In other words, moving away from memorization and emphasizing application of what they learned. In addition, the teachers spend some planning time working with a content literacy specialist and work together to design enriched lessons. The social studies teachers also require students to apply the same strategies used in ELA classes when studying primary historical sources and content.”

In the College, Career and Military Ready rating, SISD scored abundantly higher than the state and region in most measures except for meeting the criteria on the AP exam.

“The most important measure in comparison to students in the state and region is that students in Stephenville ISD are more prepared for what comes next whether it be college, a career or the military,” Goodwin said.

Another component in the College, Career and Military Ready rating includes Industry-Based Certifications. IBCs offered at SISD include welding, digital certifications and health science certifications such as patient care technicians. IBCs that will be available at SISD in the future include computer programming and principles of information technology.

SISD has also partnered with Ranger College to offer a pathway to a licensed vocational nurse degree, cosmetology license, emergency medical technician and machining certification.

“An exciting new development is the recent addition of a partnership with Saint-Gobain (Abrasives),” Goodwin added. “We recently met with the leaders of the Saint-Gobain plant to begin a local pathway to immediate employment upon graduation for participating students. The high school counselors have been working closely with the human resources department to identify courses that would be beneficial to both the student and the future work force at Saint-Gobain.”

Participating students could receive a mentor or tutoring program, on-site visits, joint project collaboration, workshops for resume writing and interview skills, a preferential interview and hiring process and an increased starting rage.

“While this partnership is currently with Saint-Gobain, we hope that once it is established and up and running that this process can be expanded to other local industry leaders in the community,” Goodwin added.