If you’re looking for a unique getaway, consider heading to Skybox Cabins in Glen Rose where your own private “nest” awaits. Literally. 

Owners Yvan and Kristin Jayne opened Skybox Cabins in June 2017. 

“He [Yvan] had always had this idea of buying some property and building cabins and having the opportunity to host people on our place. He had been talking about it for years. I was kind of not really on board,” Kristin said, with a laugh.

But Yvan’s idea finally came true and the couple has expanded Skybox Cabins to include their most popular and recent addition, The Nest, a hybrid cabin with features modeling a treehouse and bohemian bungalow. It is described as a “Pinterest perfect” cabin. 

“The Nest is my favorite of all the cabins. It is this little bungalow with open shelving and an open shower. Everything is smooth and has a very relaxed boho-style to it. This amazing patio and porch out on the back looks like a nest, which is how the building got its name.”  

Because of The Nest, Skybox Cabins has recently been featured in several magazines and publications like 360 West and Southern Living. They will be featured in Texas Living this month. 

Skybox Cabins currently has three cabins with a fourth expected to be complete in June.

The Birdhouse is a treehouse-inspired cabin that features a second-floor entry via bridge from a tree top platform. Ivan used cedar from their property to create the interior stairs and railing. The Birdhouse also features a second-floor balcony, small kitchenette and outdoor fire pit with stone seating. 

La Tour (The Tower) was built in 2018 and is located on a ridge surrounded by two large red oaks. 

“La Tour is like a tower that comes straight out of the ground,” Kristin said. “It was designed in respect to 17th century French pigeoneers. Yvan is originally from France. He moved here when he was 16 and his grandfather and uncles are master builders in France, so they had these things called pigeon houses, which were a sign of wealth in the 17th century. That’s where that design came from.” 

None of the cabins have Wi-Fi or TVs. 

“When we moved out here, the peace and the calm that I felt from this property, it was just something that I wanted to share with other people that I know can get caught up in day-to-day living,” Kristin said. “We really want people to find quiet and find calm and reconnect with themselves without distractions from the outside world.” 

Skybox Cabins also has a camping spot on a creek creek and “glamping area” situated near the top of the property.

To book a stay at Skybox Cabins, call Kristin at 936-355-5811.