A man believed to be connected to the Irish mob was arrested in Shawnee, Oklahoma earlier this month after allegedly threatening to kill his girlfriend’s mother.

Justin Dwayne Drake, 30, was taken into custody by a task force in Shawnee after the Erath County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for his arrest.

“Due to his gang affiliation, which he openly admits, and the history of the Irish mob in Oklahoma and the crimes they have committed, we couldn’t take any chances with an Erath County citizen getting hurt or killed,” said Lt. Ben Moore. 


The case against Drake was built around phone calls he had with his girlfriend, Chelsea Wolfe, who is being held at the Erath County Jail on charges of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and unlawful restraint.

Wolfe, 28, is accused of beating her mother in a violent attack in November. She is being held on a $155,000 bond.

According to the official complaint, Drake was recorded in jailhouse telephone calls with Wolfe making threats against her mother.

“He was mad that her mother wouldn’t drop the charges,” Moore said. 

Drake was recorded telling Wolfe on Jan. 30, “If I have to, I’ll go bury your mom, you know that right?”

In a separate conversation, Drake can he heard telling Wolfe that he is just going to “show up” at her mother’s house, the complaint states.

“I stabbed my dad seven times, he didn’t testify, charges dropped,” he said.   

The couple seemed to believe that if Wolfe’s mother was eliminated, the case against Chelsea Wolfe would be dropped. 

“No witness, no case,” Drake was recorded saying several times.

What the duo seemingly didn’t realize, however, was that every telephone conversation they had was being recorded. 

And it was those very conversations that led to Drake’s arrest. 

“The department is now able to use a mapping system that records the whereabouts of anyone who calls the jail,” Moore said. “It gives us the physical location down to the apartment number.”

In this case, Drake was traced to an apartment in Shawnee and authorities there were notified of his whereabouts.

Authorities in Erath County are now awaiting Drake’s extradition to Erath County to face charges.

“That might not happen as soon as we would like because he is also facing several charges in Oklahoma,” Moore said.