College can be stressful. With classes, projects, essays and finals, it can be tough to find that perfect place to buckle down and study.

The E-T polled current and former Tarleton State University students and asked about their favorite local place to settle in and crack open a book.

1. Beans & Franks: Beans & Franks is a local coffee shop/cafe specializing in hot dogs, fresh roasted coffee and much more. With the recent addition of a new location, Beans & Franks is definitely a top favorite for a nice study session alone or with friends.

“Beans & Franks has great frozen lattes and usually a nice, quiet atmosphere for getting work done,” said Tarleton graduate student Grace Peterson.

In fact, the majority of customers at Beans & Franks are Tarleton students.

“At our other location [across the street from Tarleton], about 80 percent of our customers are Tarleton students and at this location, about 60 percent are Tarleton students,” said Bailey Clements, employee of Beans & Franks.

2. McDonald's: "We're “lovin' it!” McDonald's is always a great pick when you need to grab a quick bite. Conveniently located across the street from Tarleton, students can bring their books, notebook and enjoy a Big Mac as they work. Plus, the free Wi-Fi and coffee certainly helps.

“I really enjoyed the McDonald's by Montana! Free Wi-Fi, free refills, electrical outlets and there seemed to always be other students working on schoolwork as well,” said Tarleton alumnus Lorynne Benavides.

3. Starbucks: Another popular favorite is Starbucks. A nationwide favorite, Starbucks has been described as the main representation of “second wave coffee.” As of early 2019, the company operates over 30,000 locations worldwide and it's definitely a favorite in Stephenville as well.

“Starbucks is always a great place for me! There's coffee and a nice study atmosphere,” said Tarleton student Kelley Gerdes.

4. Dick Smith Library: Sometimes visiting an old classic like the school library can still be the best option when one needs a quiet place to study. The Dick Smith Library has three floors, several couches, ottomans and individual desks so students can always find a private place to do homework. The Study Grounds Café is also located in the library and the close proximity of coffee mixed with a calm and quiet atmosphere makes the Dick Smith Library one of the best places to go when you need to get work done.

“I never found a good spot,” said Tarleton alumnus Kaitlyn Dearth. “I always found the usual spots around town to be too loud or too crowded so I always settled for the school library.”

“I usually go to the upper floor of the Dick Smith Library at Tarleton. It's much quieter than the main level and I can focus better. They have spots with just tables, or you can use the computers up there. I've had good experiences up there because everyone else is trying to study and we are all courteous to each other. Plus, the cafe is right there if you need something to help you focus,” said Tarleton student Arynn Tomson.