Fans of HGTV’s House Hunters got a special treat Wednesday evening when an episode featuring Stephenville and local real estate agent Katie Burr and her clients Chris and Haley Mitchell aired. 

Burr, a realtor with Hayden Real Estate, showed three homes in Stephenville to the couple who recently moved to the area. 

“I started working with them when they moved here from Arlington,” Burr said. “They applied for the show and we went through a long process. House Hunters receives about 200 to 300 requests a week so we were excited to get chosen.” 

Filming took place in July.

Wednesday’s episode followed Burr as she drove the Mitchells across the city to look at three homes.

The first was a 1,500-square foot house built in 1909 and priced at $155,000.

The second was larger and newer - a 2,400 square foot house described by Haley Mitchell as “cookie cutter.” 

The house featured a Texas star on the front door and was priced at $249,000.

The third and final house was the one the Mitchells decided on.

The ranch-style home was built in 1979 and included 2,000 square feet for $180,000.

Despite needing a few upgrades, the couple fell in love with the home, which included a large tree in the backyard sturdy enough to hold a swing for their young son. 

If you missed Wednesday’s episode, you are invited to attend a watch party at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, March 1, at The Purple Goat.

“We reserved The Purple Goat and everyone is invited to come and watch with us,” Burr said.