Assistant City Manager Jason King presented the police department's racial profiling report to the city council on Tuesday, noting that there were no complaints filed on any members of its police force for violating the Texas Racial Profiling Law in 2019.

King is the city's former police chief.

“The Racial Profiling Law went into effect in 2001,” King said. “Since that time, the department has also had reports on the data collected and there have never been any complaints about racial profiling in the city of Stephenville.”

Every year before March 1, police departments across Texas are required to deliver their racial profiling reports to the city council.

Data from the racial profiling report provides a look at the number of motor vehicle-related stops made during the previous year and the race and gender associated with each stop.

The report indicates that in 2019 there were 3,018 motor vehicle-related contacts by the SPD with 1,156 being female and 1,862 being male.

Here's a look at the breakdown:

• Black – 197

• Asian/Pacific Islander – 22

• White – 2,231

• Hispanic/Latino - 555

• Alaska Native/American Indian - 13