Brown County District Judge Steve Ellis denied Taxiville co-owner Taezer Thompson’s motion for a new trial on Monday, stating the matter has already been placed with the 11th Court of Appeals in Eastland.

Thompson, 24, is free on an appeal’s bond after he was sentenced last month to three years in prison for impersonating a peace officer in Brown County. 

The judge ruled in December that Thompson had violated his probation by committing unlawful restraint in Stephenville.

Thompson’s previous attorney, Heath Allen, filed a motion for a new trial claiming Thompson’s sentence was based on “factually and legally insufficient evidence.” 

Allen is no longer Thompson’s attorney and he is now being represented by Russell King of Dublin who said he plans to build a case of “ineffective counsel.”  

King claims he has evidence that will prove his client’s innocence if admitted in court, including a software program that tracks the movement of taxis and radio traffic. 

“This was hired counsel,” The judge told King on Monday. “He appeared twice. The way you’re wanting to proceed is highly unorthodox. This is not new evidence. This is evidence that was here.”