Americans are gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday with more than 194 million adults saying they have plans to watch the big game held this year in Miami.

But it’s not cheap.

Consumers are expected to spend more than $17.2 billion on food and beverages, merchandise and party supplies, according to the National Retail Federation.  

So that made us wonder about your plans for Sunday. 

The E-T posted five questions to our Facebook page asking readers about their game day plans and thoughts on one of the biggest Super Bowls in recent memory.

According to WalletHub, 27 percent of Americans say they will throw a Super Bowl party while 27 percent say they will attend one. 

Kelly Karels Reiff said she will go to a “small gathering” on Sunday while Donna Warren will watch from home. April Fuentes said she will attend a watch party at Legends Country Club.

And when it comes to food, well, that’s a whole new ball game. (Pun intended.)

Americans are serious about their snack foods when it comes to watching football and are expected to scarf down 1.4 billion chicken wings on Sunday. (Yes, that’s billion.)

Stephenville resident David Farkas said he will be munching on beef and pork ribs while Reiff will be enjoying a hot bowl of chili. Warren says she will dine on “junk in general.”

On Monday we advise that you stay away from the scale because all that snacking will tally up to a whopping 6,000 extra calories. Yikes!

When it comes to which team locals will be cheering for - the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers - most, like Blazi Weippert, say they hope to see the Chiefs pull off a win. 

And for those who care when winter might come to an end, Sunday will also mark Groundhog Day so Reiff says she will be making time to watch the movie by the same name starring Bill Murray before the game gets going.

Here are a few more fun facts about the Super Bowl.

• $7,438 - average price for a Super Bowl ticket.

• $3,652 - lowest price for a ticket.

• $27,983 - highest price ever paid for a Super Bowl ticket.

• 10 million - pounds of ribs that will be sold during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. 

• 8 million - pounds of guacamole that will be consumed on Sunday.

• 51.7 million - cases of beer sold on Sunday.

• 23% - viewers who say the commercials are the best part.

• 1 in 10 - people who will miss work on Monday.

• $5.6 million - the average cost for a 30-second commercial.

Statistics from WalletHub and the National Retail Federation.