When Glen Rose High School graduate Lori Altebaumer finally had the time to start writing — something she had wanted to do for years — she took advantage of the opportunity.

“Even as a child, I dreamed I could be a writer,” she said. “I loved the idea, but I didn’t think it was possible.”

She will be signing copies of “A Firm Place to Stand” from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. this Saturday (Jan. 25) at Grump’s in Stephenville. She will also be signing copies at Storiebook Cafe in Glen Rose, starting at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

Altebaumer was working with her husband, Joe, who is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Stephenville, when he told her, “I want you to do something that makes you happy.”

That, she thought, would be writing — but not just any old topic.

As a 51-year-old Christian woman, Altebaumer chose to write about spiritual themes, not frivolous ideas.

“We treated it (the writing) like a ministry,” Altebaumer said. “I didn’t have to make it income-producing. Right now, I’m very happy. I have lots of ideas. You never know what God might move you into.”

“A Firm Place to Stand” fit the bill.

“It’s a story about forgiveness, how things happen. It’s never black and white,” Altebaumer said, noting that the book falls in the “Romantic Suspense” genre. “We have to be willing to give forgiveness — and receive.”

After picking the platform for the ministry, she explained, “God will determine the reach. I just want the joy of expressing my thoughts through words in a way that touches someone else.”

About a year and a half ago, Altebaumer also decided to become active in the already-established Call to Change Ministry, speaking to female prison inmates in Texas.

Altebaumer grew up in Glen Rose, and graduated from high school there in 1986. She earned a bachelor of science degree from Texas A&M in 1990. 

She and her husband previously lived in Houston and Waco, but now live in Erath County between Lingleville and Desdemona. They have two children — 21-year-old twins Jeff Altebaumer and Emily Dehn — both of whom are married.

Altebaumer and her daughter co-wrote a book titled, “Walking in the Reign,” which also is available now online and in an e-book format. Both books were self-published. She said she is working on her second book, to be titled, “A Far Way to Run,” — but isn’t 100 percent certain when it will be finished.