One is out, two are undecided and two say they will seek another term.

That’s the official word from the five members of the Stephenville City Council up for re-election in May.

After serving two terms, Carla Trussell says she will not run for another.

She said she is proud of several accomplishments during her time on the council  including implementing term limits and making changes to the advisory boards that enable them to have more input in city government. 

“One of the council’s biggest successes is bringing a hotel venue tax to the voters for their approval on the May ballot,” she said. “This is increasing the revenue from the hotel tax and will cost our local taxpayers nothing. The increased revenue has to be spent on sports facilities and this would give us the ability to improve facilities at our park and that is exciting.” 

She said citizens will soon begin seeing a boom in retail growth.

“The commercial development process is slow, but I think the citizens will be excited with the results,” Trussell said. “The council is also investigating the possibility of a new library and senior center. We have neglected some of our facilities for many years and the possibility of actually having new facilities for the benefit of our citizens is very exciting. 

“Stepping down from the council is bittersweet. Hopefully, another citizen with deep Stephenville roots and conservative values will step up to run for my seat.” 

Councilmen Brady Pendleton and Alan Nix both say they are undecided. 

“I enjoy serving and still feel like I can make a difference, but the voters said they didn’t want anyone to serve more than two terms, and I have far exceeded that,” Nix told the E-T. “By the letter of the law I could run again because it doesn’t take effect until this year, but I am really struggling with what to do.

“Right now I am trying to decide what’s best for me and my family, the city and my business. There is a lot to consider.” 

The first day to sign up for a place on the ballot begins Wednesday and ends at 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14.

Mayor Doug Svien and councilman Brandon Huckabee say they will seek re-election. 

“I plan to file this week,” Svien said. “During this next term, we are going to keep growing the city of Stephenville and continue to work on infrastructure problems.”

Huckabee says he enjoys serving the citizens and wants to continue making “great progress for the city.”

“We are open for business like never before with lots of great news coming soon,” Huckabee said. “We have found creative ways to fund infrastructure projects that are long overdue and at the same time lower the tax rate. It’s a great time to live in Stephenville, Texas and it’s about to get even better.”

Election Day is Saturday, May 2.