Thirty-year-old Dublin resident Jeffery Dison came home from work on Monday to find that his house, located on 4312 CR 258, had caught on fire.

“I was at work and my wife went to sleep,” he said. “The house caught on fire while she was asleep and someone at work was like, ‘Hey, you need to go home right now. Your house is on fire.’ I said ‘Really?’ I didn’t believe it. I got to the house and my wife and kids were with the ambulance and everything was gone.”

Dison said his wife, Carissa, told the fire department that when she woke up, the “whole place was black with smoke.”

“She got the kids out the best she could but all the dogs we had here, they died,” he said. “She couldn’t get them out; it was too hot."

Dison said his family lost four dogs in the fire and his 4-year-old son, Bryan, burned his hand.

Unfortunately, this is the second time a fire has started in the same location.

“Seven years ago, there was a trailer right here where I live at now and it got burned down as well. This is the second trailer that’s been burned here,” Dison said.

He believes a space heater started the fire.

“It was bad. It looked like somebody dropped a bomb over here,” he said.

The Dison family lost everything and did not have insurance.

The family is asking for clothes in size 4T for son, Bryan, and newborn clothes for daughter, Tahlia. They are also asking for shoes, size 10 or 11 for Bryan, size 11 for Carissa and size 10 for Jeffery.

To donate, message Chely Martinez, a friend of the Dison family, through Facebook.