No one likes a litterbug.

And now one Erath County woman is facing some potentially serious charges for allegedly dumping hundreds of pounds of trash in a creek bed underneath a bridge on County Road 258.

“We were contacted by the landowner,” said Lt. Ben Moore with the Erath County Sheriff’s Office. “It was a mess.”

Moore said it took Erath County Jail inmates the majority of the day to clean up the trash and take it to the landfill. 

Ironically, it was the trash itself that led investigators to the alleged perpetrator. 

“We found several identifying pieces of information in the trash,” Moore said. “We have made contact with the suspect and have scheduled an interview with her.”

He said the woman could face a misdemeanor charge of illegal dumping and a possible felony since the trash was dumped in a waterway.

“The investigation is ongoing and at the top of our priority list,” Moore said. 

Precinct 1 commissioner Dee Stephens, who helped clean up the mess, said illegal dumping is an ongoing problem throughout the county. In fact, he said he dealt with a similar issue that same day on County Road 250. 

“We have no tolerance for this,” said Sheriff Matt Coates. “This is something we take seriously and will investigate fully.”