First United Methodist Church Stephenville is hosting its annual Alternative Gift Fair from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.

The Alternative Gift Fair is an opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind items with proceeds going to missions, non-profits and fair-trade vendors and provides the community an alternative for their holiday shopping.

Gifts for sale will include handmade crafts and items like jewelry, soaps, scarves, ornaments, plants, textiles and other gift items from 40 fair trade and non-profit organizations.

“There’s all kinds of things that you can buy and all of the money goes to support mission projects, either locally or abroad,” said Laurie Lively, one of the organizers.

The fair will also feature a fair-trade vendor, someone who obtains items that are globally-made from poverty-stricken nations across the globe who are trying to get themselves out of poverty.

“We have a vendor who sells fair trade items like chocolate that’s made at a place that ensures the chocolate was made without child labor or bad working conditions,” Lively said.

Lively encourages the community to check out the gift fair and purchase a donation card in replace of a Christmas present.

“If people want to buy a gift in honor of somebody, you can go buy a Christmas card for $25 and you can donate to Meals on Wheels and [the card will] say, ‘A donations was given to Meals on Wheels in honor of you by me.’ So, you can give gifts of donations because these days, everybody has everything. It’s always hard to know what to buy somebody, especially if they don’t need anything so one way to give them something that’s meaningful is to do a donation card to a charity or organization that that person may really favor.

“You really do find some unique gifts that you can’t find anywhere else - not even on Amazon,” she said with a laugh. “The other thing that’s really special about it is that you really do know that the money you’re paying for these items is going directly to help other people, nothing is going to anybody to make money.”