The Erath County Tax Assessor Collectors Association is warning the public about a fake voter registration application that has been mailed to several residences this week.

Three individuals went to the tax assessor’s office to inquire about peculiar mistakes regarding their name or address.

One resident thought it was odd that the registration application was addressed to her first name when she’s registered to vote under a different name.

Another resident received an application addressed to her deceased husband’s deceased spouse.

The fake card uses the same permit number, address and bar code as the real Erath County voter applications.

“We have no idea where they’re getting the information from,” said Erath County voter registrar Lana Stevens. “It's not coming from us even though it looks like it’s coming from us. I’ve called the secretary of state and the legal department is supposed to be looking into this but I haven't gotten a call back from them.”

The only noticeable difference between the fake application and the real application is a disclaimer at the bottom of the fake card stating, “Pol Ad Paid for by Engage Texas”

“When you go on their Facebook page, it has an Engage Texas, but it has no phone number where you can contact these people. When I called the secretary of state, they said these types of organizations can purchase lists from many agencies like driver’s licenses, but that is a deceased person; she wouldn’t be having a driver’s license,” Stevens said.

Stevens wants the public to be aware of the situation and if they receive a suspicious voter registration application, to call the Erath County Tax Assessor Collectors Association at 254-965-8830.

“I don’t know what their intentions are, if they’re an actual legit company, a political group...we just don’t want all of the Erath County people to think it’s us that’s doing this because we don’t mail out information like that,” she said.

Stevens also wanted to remind residents that new orange voter registration cards have been mailed out and if residents don’t have their orange card in hand, to contact the tax office so they will be set to go by the time the primaries start in March.