The Yellow Jacket Band had a great showing at the region band auditions last weekend. Out of 56 students that participated in the auditions, 47 earned a spot in one of three region bands - Honors, Symphonic, and Concert.

Twenty-four students are also advancing to the area round in January, which will determine the all-state band membership.

Below are the full results from the contest. Please help us congratulate these students on their efforts!



Gabby Mullins - 4th chair Honors - area

Katy Campbell - 6th chair Honors - area

Sydney Nguyen - 3rd chair Symphonic - area

Olivia Burrows - 5th chair Symphonic



Myla Childers - 1st chair Honors - area

Alexes Thurman - 2nd chair Honors - area


Bb Clarinet

Felisa Barron - 1st chair Honors - area

Tessa Drew - 3rd chair Honors - area

Mayte Aguilar - 4th chair Symphonic - area

Mia Jaimes - 5th chair Symphonic

Bryson Jones - 2nd chair Concert

Lauren Pope - 3rd chair Concert

Camren Malm - 9th chair Concert


Alto Sax

Miguel Chavez - 3rd chair Honors - area

Wesley Guinn - 4th chair Honors - area

Eli Ratliff - 3rd chair Concert


Tenor Sax

Elliott Nehring - 2nd chair concert



Emma Clarke - 1st chair Honors - All-state Jazz

Milton Alvarez - 4th chair Honors - area

Carter Cole - 6th chair Honors - area

Justin Beamsley - 8th chair Symphonic - area

Gustavo Canales - 2nd chair Concert

Austin Eckert - 7th chair Concert



Dylan Beamsley - 1st chair Honors - area

Kacen Groves - 3rd chair Symphonic -area

Arizona Barnes - 4th chair Symphonic - area

Paul Nguyen - 7th chair Symphonic - area


Bass Trombone

Marco Rodriguez - 1st chair Honors - area



Jared Parsons - 2nd chair Honors - area

Matthew McKenzie - 3rd chair Concert



Juan Canales - 1st chair Honors - area

Trunks Reeves - 5th chair Honors - area

Jose Alvarez - 1st chair Concert

Aidan Espinoza - 5th chair Concert

Daniel Angeles - 6th chair Concert



Joseph Gray - 3rd chair Honors - area

Luke Barry - 5 chair Honors - area

Kate Leach - 6th chair Honors - area

Hunter Merrill - 7th chair Honors

Chinmayee Lalgondar - 9th chair Honors

Landon Dyches - 10th chair Honors

Tyler Tucker - 3rd chair Symphonic

Aaron Atchley - 4th chair Symphonic

Callie Wells - 5th chair Symphonic

Curtis Jenkins - 6th chair Symphonic

Savana Akins - 8th chair Symphonic

Holden Gerhardt - 5th chair Concert