Morgan Mill ISD will transition to a four-day school week in the fall of 2020

The decision was made after some discussion at the October school board meeting and was finalized on Nov. 18

“We have had some declining enrollment numbers and we really are needing to get our numbers back up so we started brainstorming. What are some ways that we can do that? What are some ways that we can make ourselves more marketable? So, we thought we would try it and see how it goes,” Morgan Mill ISD Superintendent Wendy Sanders told the E-T.

The new schedule will lengthen each school day by 30 minutes and allow students to have off most Fridays, with some exceptions.

“Our Thanksgiving dinner that we do every November is always the Friday before Thanksgiving so we will have school that day, so that we can still have that tradition,” Sanders said.

Teachers will work one Friday a month to receive their staff development hours.

The four-day school week will not affect days off for any holiday.

“We are excited and really hope that it brings a rejuvenation to our kids as well as our teachers,” Sanders said. “I know our kids are super excited about it, but we’re hoping that extra day during the week makes them more excited to be here. That’s one of the things that we have discovered from some of the other school districts that we have visited with that have gone to a four-day week already - the kids know that they have less hours during the week at school so they come to school more ready to learn and ready to take care of business.”