If all goes as planned, this time tomorrow I will be in a pumpkin pie-induced coma and recuperating from one too many games of Spades. 

That’s how the Vanden Berges roll on Thanksgiving Day: There’s delicious food followed by relentless teasing, fierce card games and pie. Lots and lots of pie. 

Holidays are always fun with our clan and over the years we have stuck to some pretty strict traditions. 

My mother-in-law always cooks the main turkey crammed full of her famous sausage stuffing accompanied by red cabbage, riced potatoes and that delicious green bean casserole whipped up by yours truly. (Stop laughing.)

We all congregate wherever we can find a spot to sit and most of the time it’s too loud to hear yourself think.

I love it.

The traditions that have quietly taken over throughout the years are ones that give me comfort. I love routine and family and the holiday season brings all of that together. 

As our family prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday I wondered what other families in the area are planning for their Thanksgiving Day feast. 

So I posed the question on Facebook and here are a few of the responses.

SHANE PACK: This family likes their turkey smoked and dished up with a healthy side of dressing. They pass on the cranberry sauce and green beans, but love “momma’s pumpkin roll.” I’m guessing that’s you Sandra Pack.

NANCY CRANFILLL: She likes a roasted turkey, dressing, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. And for dessert? Pie. Pecan, pumpkin and cherry will do.

BACKPACK BUDDIES: This great local organization that helps feed hungry kids prefers tacos to turkey followed by pumpkin or pecan pie.

LYNNE HAMILTON: Her family likes a smoked turkey (of course), cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, broccoli rice, sweet potatoes and pecan pie! What a feast!

AMANDA JENKINS: This former editor and E-T staff writer likes a smoked turkey, dressing and whole berry cranberry sauce. Negative on the green beans, but pecan pie is a must!

Whatever is on your Thanksgiving Day menu, I hope love is the main course followed by huge helpings of joy and laughter! 

Happy Turkey Day, friends!