A group of local business owners is making another push to allow the local sale of liquor, but this time, only in the city limits. 

The first attempt failed this spring when the group fell short of getting the 4,400 signatures required for a county-wide measure to be placed on the November ballot. 

So now the group is scaling back its effort, focusing only on getting the initiative passed in Stephenville.

Court Cole, owner of Bull Nettle who is helping to spearhead the effort, says the group is launching a second attempt that would allow business owners within the city limits to sell liquor. 

“We need 1,662 signatures of registered voters to get this on the ballot in May,” he said. 

Bull Nettle and Greer’s Ranch Cafe now have petitions available to sign.  

“We will also have people going door-to-door,” Cole said. 

Supporters of the measure call the current liquor laws outdated and say that legalizing alcohol sales will entice new businesses to the area, but those who oppose it say it will only increase alcohol-related crimes.

However, if the measure is passed, liquor stores that want to open in Stephenville, would have to go through a rezoning process for approval.  

“There won’t be a liquor store on every corner because it would have to be passed by the city council,” Cole said. 

Signatures on the first petition are no longer valid and supporters will have to sign the petition again for their names to be verified. They must live in the city limits. 

“We don’t look at the first time as a failure, it was a learning experience,” Cole said. “It’s time for Stephenville to catch up with the times so that new restaurants will come to town. That’s what people want.”