Stephenville resident and Ranger College professor Matt Cardin recently released his third horror fiction collection titled “To Rouse Leviathan.”

Cardin is a vice president of accreditation and institutional effectiveness at Ranger College where he previously taught English and religion. His wife, Teresa, has been featured in the E-T several times for her competitive cooking skills and her history of being a contestant in the World Food Championships.

Cardin’s book, “To Rouse Leviathan” is a “collection of stories exploring the intersections and interactions of supernatural horror with religion, spirituality, art, and creativity.”

“It draws on my lifetime of reading and personal experience in all those areas,” he said.

His book is not a series, but an omnibus collection, which is a work containing one or more works by the same author. It contains the complete sets of stories from his first two short fiction collections, “Divinations of the Deep (2002)” and “Dark Awakening (2010)” and it adds a third selection of previously uncollected stories that have been published in various anthologies over the years.

Cardin has been writing since the late 90s and he describes his signature focus as being “the intersection of religion, horror and the supernatural.”

“Writing, for me, is a way of figuring out how I see and experience the world, what I really think, feel, and make of it all and of putting this out there for other people to read and receive. It's deeply fulfilling when I hear that something I wrote has struck a chord in a reader, that someone read it and felt a connection with it...Knowing that my own work has done the same thing for others is profoundly satisfying. It feels like a confirmation of my reason for being,” he said.

Throughout Cardin’s career, he has had many successes. His work has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, recommended for the British Fantasy Award and he was a preliminary finalist for the Bram Stoker Award. His work has appeared in “The New York Review of Science Fiction,” “Lovecraft Annual,” “Encyclopedia of the Vampire” and more. He has also been a guest on multiple radio shows and podcasts to talk about horror fiction, the relationship between religion and horror and various paranormal and philosophical topics.

In a previous career, he was a professional videographer and video director for country music legend Glen Campbell during the 1990s.

Cardin is also a longtime professional pianist, keyboardist and composer. He is the founder of Stephenville Fright Fest, an annual horror film festival.

"To Rouse Leviathan” is now available and can be purchased online from the publisher, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

As for his next project, he’s thinking about publishing a volume of his collection nonfiction.

"I've written and published many articles, essays, and papers over the years that have explored the same subjects and themes as my stories -- religion, horror, and all that, along with a focus on apocalyptic, dystopian, esoteric and paranormal matters. The project is still just an idea right now, but it may be the next thing I do,” he said.

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