Nurture N’ Nature received the Best of Erath award for Best Day Care. The E-T sat down with director Tate Vernon to celebrate Nurture N’ Nature’s 10-year anniversary with 10 facts about the center. 

1. They first opened on Sept. 9, 2009 and recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary or as Vernon likes to call it, their 10-year “birthday.”

2. Nurture N’ Nature was actually started by parents. The owners have three kids themselves.

“They wanted to give back what they expected out of childcare: A helpful, loving, nurturing center,” Vernon said.

3. Vernon has worked at Nurture N’ Nature since it opened in 2009. She has been the director for the past two years but she first started working part-time and has never left. She’s gotten married while she was working there and she also gave birth to twin boys while she was there who are currently in kindergarten.

4. Nurture N’ Nature is equipped with a livestream camera system through Parents can join in on the stream with their computer or smart phone and watch their child while they’re at the center.

5. There are 11 employees who are all certified in CPR and first aid and most of the employees have been at the center for a year or longer.

6. There are currently 75 kids at the center.

7. The staff at Nurture N’ Nature will get kids dressed for extra activities like ballet or soccer so the parents won’t have to.

8. They will take care of children from six weeks to 12 years old.

9. One aspect that makes Nurture N’ Nature unique is the fact that they are family oriented.

“A bunch of people come in here and say that it’s just so homey. The kids, they run in here. Very rarely do I have to take a kid screaming from their parent. They want to come to school; they're excited about it. The parents say it’s very homey and very welcoming in here. Everyone has a smile on their face no matter what kind of day it is,” Vernon said.

10. Nuture N’ Nature is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

BONUS: A fun fact about Nurture N’ Nature is that they still have people come in the day care and think it’s a restaurant.

“It used to be the old Golden Coral and Mongolian Grill so we have older people who come in and be like, ‘Can we have a table for two?’ I’ll be like, ‘Our two-year-olds are eating if you would like to eat tater tot casserole with them,’” Vernon said with a laugh. “Once a year we’ll have an older couple come in and they think it's still a restaurant.”