Following a public hearing, Bluff Dale ISD approved a $2,750,525 budget for the 2019/2020 school year. They also approved a tax rate of $1.2383. This includes $1.0683 for maintenance and operations and $0.17 for interest and sinking. This rate is $0.13 lower than last year’s rate of $1.37. This decrease is due to action taken by the Texas legislature in House Bill 3 to compress the maintenance and operations tax. HB 3, combined with growth in enrollment, and the beginning of a high school, Bluff Dale is no longer subject to recapture payments to the state required by “Robin Hood” legislation.

Bluff Dale’s Interest and Sinking rate decreased by three cents from last year due to increasing tax values in the district. This pays for the $5.1 million bond for the construction of the new secondary building. This new building, which opened to classes on Aug. 27, 2019, housing grades four through 12, includes a cafeteria, science lab, library/media center, ten classrooms, a gym, locker rooms, concession area, and administrative offices. The competition gym will be complete near the end of October.

Bluff Dale currently has 227 students enrolled in PK-12 with 55 students in high school. Additionally, the district staff has grown to 39 employees including 21 teachers.