Cogley & Morrow: On Politics is a new radio show airing on KTRL 90.5 FM every Sunday at noon.

Tarleton faculty members, Dr. Eric Morrow and Dr. Nathaniel Cogley, will be taking popular political events each week and analyzing them from an academic perspective. The premiere will be this Sunday, Sept. 22, at 12 p.m. noon. 

The premiere episode will discuss the state of Democratic presidential nomination process, the Trump administration’s response to the oil bombing in Saudi Arabia and more.

Dr. Cogley suggests that while much of political commentary on the radio is partisan in nature, on their show “two professors who are not afraid to agree to disagree, will take on major political issues in a thoughtful and non-partisan way.”

Dr. Nathaniel Cogley currently holds the position as the Head of Tarleton’s Government, Legal Studies, and Philosophy Department. Co-hosting this show will be Dr. Eric Morrow, the current Interim Dean of Tarleton’s Political Science Department.