Project Leader at Huckabee Architects Josh Cogburn spoke at Monday night’s board meeting to give a short update on the bond project.

Here's what's new:

Stephenville High School

1. Dirt work at the auditorium, concessions and restroom building at the softball complex will be completed over the next month.

2. Electrical and plumbing underground at those additions will be in the process as well.

3. Foundation work will start at both the gym and the auditorium.

4. Earth work at the electrical underground in the new parking lots will also begin.

Ag Center

5. The sub grate work on the building path and parking area is complete.

6. The prep to bring the pad up to the proper grate is currently underway and will be completed soon.

7. The final parking lot gradient will be complete over the next month after the site utilities in the area are completed as well.

Gilbert Intermediate

8. The sanitary line from the school to the street is complete.

9. The new fire line, fire department connection line and fire hydrant have all been installed and are waiting on inspection from the fire marshal.

10. Fire suppression plans have been submitted to the fire marshal for review and once those plans are approved, the fire sprinkler installation plan will be put into action, which includes installing fire sprinklers throughout the existing building.