Andres Altamirano, an International Baccalaureate (IB) English Language Arts teacher at IDEA College Preparatory Brownsville, has been recognized by the Yale University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a recipient of the 2019 Yale Educator Award.

The Yale Educator Recognition Program recognizes outstanding educators from around the world who support and inspire their students to perform at high levels and to achieve excellence. The award is meant to honor the unique and critical role that exceptional educators play in shaping their students’ futures by encouraging them to pursue their goals.

Students entering the Yale Class of 2023 were asked to nominate outstanding educators who have deeply impacted their lives and Altamirano was nominated by IDEA Brownsville Class of 2019 alum and current Yale University student Karla Camacho.

“Mr. Altamirano is hands down one of the best teachers in the world,” says Camacho. “I know that I am a better person and a better student from having taken his classes. He created a collaborative space in every class where students felt compelled to express themselves and challenge each other to be the best they can be. I wish every student the chance to have an impactful teacher like Mr. Altamirano in their lives.”

Each nomination is individually reviewed by a committee of Yale admissions officers who then select each recipient. Of this year’s 311 nominees, who represent 40 U.S. states and 23 countries, 55 teachers and 18 counselors were selected to receive the award.

Winners were sent engraved desk sets and congratulatory letters, and administrators of their respective high schools were also notified of the achievement.

“We are extremely proud of this prestigious honor and recognition. Mr. Altamirano is one of our highest performing International Baccalaureate teachers and has had a significant impact on our students,” says Marco Lopez, Senior Principal at IDEA College Preparatory Brownsville. “His passion for teaching and commitment to student success serve as a reminder of IDEA’s mission to change lives of children in our community with the promise of college for all.”

Yale is a top research university with a unique emphasis on undergraduate liberal arts education. All 6,000 undergraduate students enroll in Yale College, which offers more than 80 majors and hundreds of opportunities to conduct groundbreaking research. Undergraduates at Yale come from all 50 states and more than 70 foreign countries. More than 17% of Yale students will be the first in their families to complete a four-year degree, and 47% are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents who identify as members of a minority group.

Yale offers admission to students without regard to their ability to pay and meets 100% of every student’s financial need with an award that does not include loans. Currently 64% of Yale undergraduates receive financial assistance, and Yale budgets more than $160 million annually for need-based financial aid. The 1,554 members of the Yale Class of 2023 who began their first semester in August 2019 graduated from more than 1,100 different high schools, 63% of which are public schools.   

The Yale Admissions Office attributes the exceptional quality of the Yale student body to educators like Altamirano and the recipients of the 2019 Yale Educator Award, who help shape students long before they attend Yale. Yale University is proud to thank these and all educators for their ongoing efforts in motivating and supporting their students.