A man working in Stephenville Monday received a terrifying call from scammers claiming to have kidnapped his son.

“A gentleman working here locally - but who lives out of town - received a call (Monday) morning and heard a muffled voice say, ‘Dad, help me…We’ve got your son and we are going to kill him,’” Lt. James Gresham told the E-T.

Gresham said the man immediately called his son’s school in East Texas to verify he was there.

“We spoke to law enforcement in East Texas and we were able to quickly ascertain that his son was safe,” Gresham said. “The take-away from this is that this man did exactly what he was supposed to do by calling the school to make sure his son was safe, then informing law enforcement.”

Gresham said there are several variations of this scam including one targeting the elderly with scammers posing as their grandchildren.

Gresham said many of these scams also target the Hispanic community.  

Gresham said anyone who receives similar calls should first contact their loved ones to make sure they are safe and alert law enforcement immediately.