Stephenville resident Teresa Cardin is a finalist in the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council’s 10th annual "Get Wild with Wild Rice" recipe contest.

Over 100 recipes were submitted, then narrowed down to 13 finalists who will compete for a cash prize. The final recipes include soups, salads, sides and skillets and are featured on the council’s website at

Cardin’s meal of choice was a wild rice green chile chicken soup.

She said when it comes to creating recipes, she usually has to think about it a while before she can start experimenting.

“I come up with two or three ideas and I just go from there and start experimenting and see what turns out the best,” she said.

Cardin has competed in several World Food Championships, with one of her recent being in November 2018 at The Wharf in Orange City, Alabama.

“I enjoy doing it. People like to eat. I enjoy making food for other people,” she said. “To me it’s like a creative outlet. Some people paint or write...well, you can do the same thing in the kitchen with food and that’s what I do. I find it relaxing to go in the kitchen and just be alone and cook.”

Originally from Missouri, Cardin fell in love with cooking at a young age.

“My mom always cooked and I grew up cooking with her,” she said.

She is certainly proud of her chicken soup but when asked what her favorite dish to cook is, she said “I’m a dessert person so it would be some type of dessert.”

The online judging of the recipes is underway and the deadline to vote is Sept. 30.