Beans and Franks is opening a new location in September across the street from the AT&T store at 2810 W. Washington Street.

Owners Jodi and Jeff Weyers moved to Stephenville 15 years ago and opened the popular coffee shop in April 2011.

Jeff said they wanted to add another location on the west side of Stephenville to make it easier for people who live or work in that area of town.

“I’ve always wanted to try a location that would be more conducive to Stephenville. [This location is] highly college based, which we love and it’s been great, but I want to try the same concept on that side of town,” he said.

“We love serving our community,” Jodi said. “We want to be involved in all things Tarleton and all things Stephenville. We absolutely love being a part of this community so being able to serve people through our business, that’s what excites us the most; it’s just another outlet for us to be able to do that by having two locations.”

The new location will be very similar to the old one, but “new menu items are definitely on the horizon,” Jeff said.

Jodi said one thing that customers may not know about their business is that all of their cookies and muffins are made from scratch and baked fresh every day.

Jeff said they also roast all of their own coffee in-house.

“We order all of the green beans in. We roast them here, so by the time that you’re drinking the coffee here, it is probably no longer than four days [since] it’s been roasted,” he said. “It is truly fresh roasted on-site and then ground here, either packaged for sale or you’re drinking it, so it’s that fresh all of the time.”

The Weyers said their business wouldn’t be successful without their employees, community or the building owners for the new location, Todd and Marty Bramlett.

“We give a ton of credit to our employees for creating the culture and the atmosphere of this place,” Jodi said. “Our goal with our business is to make people feel like Beans and Franks is their home away from home and hopefully, if we’re doing our job, they feel better about themselves when they leave than they did when they came in.

“We cannot thank our community enough for all the love and support they’ve shown us for the past eight years.”

Beans and Franks will be hosting a grand opening for the new location in the near future. Information and details will be posted on Beans and Franks’ Facebook page.