Investigators with the Erath County Sheriff’s Office are searching for a Stephenville woman and her new boyfriend suspected of robbing her ex boyfriend in his home while he slept.

Zaira Robison, 18, and her boyfriend Santos Torres, 23, have avoided arrest for weeks. On Tuesday, Erath County Crime Stoppers shared the couple’s photos on social media hoping to gain the public’s attention.

“When we posted the story on Facebook, we got immediate calls,” Sgt. Investigator Ben Moore told the E-T. “We are hoping to get them into custody soon.”

The victim, 19-year-old Leonardo Velasquez, told investigators that he was robbed inside his home in June.  

“The victim was asleep and woke up when the lights came on,” Moore said. “They went in, took his money and slapped him across the face. Then they ran off into the night.”

Velasquez, who works at a dairy, had just cashed his check earlier that day.

“They took more than $1,000,” Moore said.  

Anyone with information about the couple’s whereabouts is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 254-965-CASH.