Jake Smith, a 34-year-old from Comanche, bought TXP Lawn & Landscape from Toby O’Neal, who owns TXP Construction, in 2018.

Smith said he originally started the business servicing 25 yards but now they service about 100.

“There’s lots of growth here in town, lots of room to grow,” he said.

He likes working with lawns because his job is different every day and he loves the community.

“I know a lot of people in Stephenville. Even though I'm from Comanche, a lot of my friends went to Tarleton. I’ve been around this town for 15 years. I know a lot of my customers personally. I like doing something different every day, helping people. It’s always fun. It's a real close community of business owners in Stephenville,” Smith said.

TXP Lawn & Landscape offers several different services like cutting grass, cutting trees, installing flower beds, and more.

“We offer everything. The only thing we don’t offer is irrigation. We do just about everything there is to do,” he said.

He said customers usually underestimate two things with their lawn: How much water they need to keep their grass green during the summer and how early they have to start getting their yard ready during spring.

“A lot of folks don’t start [getting their yards ready] until March, maybe even April. We try to get people started in February, putting out pre-emergent, getting control of the weeds, maybe a little fertilizing. People just get a late start on it,” he said.

One thing that makes TXP Lawn & Landscape unique is its fast service.

“In every business you can’t satisfy 100 percent, but I think we get just as close as we possibly can. If somebody calls and needs something, I try to be there immediately. If they call me and say, ‘Hey your guys forgot to do this,’ or ‘Hey, we missed a strip here,’ I'll go back the same day and I'll do it myself. If they say, ‘Hey, I need something done,’ I try to get out there, sometimes right then. I’ll say ‘Okay, I'll see you in 10 minutes,’” he said.

He credits TXP’s “speed and reliability” for their success and uniqueness.

“Another thing that I think makes us unique is we’ve had the same crew all year - the same three guys and me,” Smith said. “A lot of folks have also said, ‘I've told this guy that this is what I wanted and two weeks later somebody else was there and they didn’t know it.’ I've had the same guys all year. They know where the sprinkler heads are. They know what not to run over. They know to close the gates. So, I think that makes us unique as well. We have a lot of yards but we’re not a big company.”

TXP’s hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to as late as 9 p.m.

“Unless I'm asleep, I'll answer the phone,” Smith said.

In October, Smith is also getting married to fiancé, Brooke Scourfield.