In April 2019, Comanche resident Robert Brayton and his wife, Cheryl, received a call from a man asking them to investigate a rented home for signs of narcotics.

“I go to his house and I bring my narcotics dog and the dog just about passed out coming into the front door of the place. I'm thinking it’s probably meth because they were making something on the oven, but [the people who live in the house were] gone,” Robert said.

It's a scenario the Braytons, owners of Sentry Protective Services LLC, a professional corporation established in 2014 that uses trained and certified handlers and K-9s to detect narcotics and guns in homes, schools and businesses, come across on a regular basis.

“If a family or a spouse has narcotics they think is a problem in their home, they will call us and we will get a K-9 over and search the home,” Robert said. “No police are involved - and we are not policemen.

"People don't know where to go if they think their child is doing drugs. School isn’t really looking for it and the police aren’t going to drive by anyone’s house and act."

After a search is complete and narcotics have been detected, the narcotics are disposed of by the adult present. The family is then encouraged to engage in professional counseling services for the person in need.

Their Malinois female K-9 has four years of experience searching for narcotics. She is trained to sniff methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

The male Malinois K-9 has two years of experience and has the ability to search for guns.

Robert and his wife started out conducting private investigations (PIs) for people and slowly incorporated K-9 units into their work.

Robert was in law enforcement in Rhode Island and Maine for 15 years. He spent seven years as a security policeman in the United States Air Force and has 15 years experience as a private investigator.

He also has been a K-9 handler for five years.

Cheryl has five years experience as a vet technician, one year as a private investigator and one year as a K-9 narcotics handler.

Sentry Protective Services is a fully licensed and insured company with the Texas Private Security Board. They are licensed for the whole state of Texas, but they concentrate in the areas of Erath, Brownwood and Comanche counties.