Brock Burch is the new animal science teacher at Stephenville High School. He will teach the wildlife class and be in charge of livestock production, advanced animal science, small animal management and equine science.

He grew up in Casper, Wyoming and attended Oklahoma Panhandle State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education.

Q. What brought you to Stephenville, Texas?

A. My wife and I had been together 14 years and we had been on the family farm and ranch there in Wyoming and never been out on our own. My heart was telling me to go look for something new and different and unique, to set out and do something on our own and with our children. I had known about the Stephenville Ag Program and the world of agriculture and FFA really is pretty small. I met a few of the ag teachers at the national convention last year and knew of the success and the potential that the program had and just by chance, saw that there was an opening here so I took it.

Q. What do you love most about teaching?

A. Trying to make an impact on a life or two is maybe the most important, the most valuable. We have a good opportunity as agriculture teachers to have better and stronger relationships with students than a general studies type of teacher and we get a chance to really impact a student in a positive way and set them up for success. I feel like that’s the most rewarding part of teaching is getting students who come back and tell you that what you did for them was important and valued and a part of who they are; a youthful person trying to impact and improve their livelihood every single day.

Q. What is the most challenging part of teaching?

A. I would say when students won’t live up to their potential. It drives me crazy to see a kid who doesn’t want to strive to be better every day. That gets to me a whole lot. I take this stuff pretty personal and try to put every bit of my soul into this deal. Especially in my world of ag education, there’s a lot of time away from family, so if I'm going to be committing extra time for you, I sure wish you would put in a little extra time for me. I strive to be better every day and the challenging part is when students don’t do that. They’re okay with the status quo and I'm not. I’m a big believer that mediocrity sucks and I strive to move past that.

Q. What’s your most memorable teaching experience?

A. I can go back to probably 12 years ago. My first national science fair participant was a special needs girl. She struggled in school and was legally blind and we got her set to do a science fair project. I think she was top 10 in the nation so there’s moments like that when it makes you feel good. It makes you think that you’re doing something right.

Q. Can you tell me about your family?

A. My wife’s name is Kylie. We’ll be married 14 years this fall. We have four kids. Brayson is 13. Then we have a daughter, Kendall, and she is 10. Our next boy is Brewer, who is five, and our youngest is Krimmlee and she just  turned three.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to add?

A. I’m excited to be in Stephenville, Texas USA and looking forward to the opportunities ahead. We’re all excited for the school year to begin.