The 2018 Bond Project is getting close to being finished and the Stephenville ISD softball field is expected to be completed by July 24.

Joshua Cogburn, project leader for Huckabee Architects, said that contracts for Stephenville High School and Gilbert Intermediate projects should be finalized this week.

“Over the next few weeks you’ll start seeing the contractors mobilizing, their trailers on site, construction fencing going up, equipment arriving on site and start seeing some movement and things happening, so it’s exciting,” Cogburn said.

Within the next few weeks, Huckabee will also be able to show the school board animation of the Stephenville High School project of what it’s expected to look like when construction is complete.

“(The animation) will take you around the exterior of the building, the improvements that we’ve made, as well as into the auditorium, lobby, the actual seating area, into the student common space, reception and gymnasium, so it will be really exciting to see that," Cogburn said.