It’s time to take a break from the heat and enjoy Morgan Mill’s 10th annual ice cream freeze off from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday, July 27, at Morgan Mill Community Center.

The event will serve barbecue, chips and a drink for $10 along with all the homemade ice cream you can eat. Kids 10 and under can eat for $5.

The contest entry fee is $20 with a four-quart minimum and a chance to win $250 in cash prizes.

The first-place winner will receive $125 and a White Mountain ice cream freezer, the second-place winner will receive $75 and the third-place winner will receive $50.

Live music will be performed by Michael Cote, who was the grand musician last year for the Grand Lodge of Texas, and David Hedrick, who used to perform at the Crystal Chandelier.

Harmony Masonic Lodge #592, located across the road from the community center, will have an open house.

Carter BloodCare will also be hosting a blood drive.

Proceeds will benefit the Morgan Mill Harmony Masonic Lodge, the Lingleville Masonic Lodge and the Clairette Masonic Lodge.

“It’s just a fun event to raise a little money for the lodges, to help out Lingleville and Clairette and Harmony. This year, Harmony is giving out right around $21,000 in scholarships. We have 50 members of the lodges,” said event organizer Johnnie Hutchins.

Originally started by David Spindor, The Great Freeze Off was created for the community to come together and enjoy a fun activity.

“David got this started 10 years ago and it was just a little small event and now it’s turned into a big one," Hutchins said. "It’s all about fun. I actually asked David last year after the event was over with, ‘What do you see that I can do to make this a better event?’ He said, ‘I don’t know. I never dreamed it would be this big, but you’ve done amazing things with it.’ So, that’s what it’s about; it’s about having fun.”

For more information or to register for the ice cream contest, visit or call Hutchins at 254-396-1243.