Rhyne Gailey learned how to work hard from his father while growing up on the family’s cattle ranch south of Strawn.

His father also offered some wise advice — to find an occupation that would provide steady income rather than being less predictable.

With his wife, Sarah, by his side, Gailey started his own business to fit the bill, drawing from his longtime interest in real estate.

They own and operate Stephenville Rents, which by next spring will have a total of about 300 townhomes for rent in the city. Floor plans are available with one, two and three bedrooms.

Rhyne said he had been thinking about getting into real estate for many years.

“I always dreamed of doing something in the real estate field,” said Rhyne, who bought his first rent house in 2003 in Arlington. “I went to real estate school at age 21. This is what I’ve always really liked to do, and dreamed of doing.”

Rhyne, 46, who graduated from Ranger High School in 1991, got a huge bonus from being in the real estate business. He and Sarah met after when she began renting one of his properties while she was attending Tarleton State University. They married in 2007.

In addition to the location at 580 S. Lillian Street, which opened for tenants in 2018, the Gaileys are in the process of expanding to what they have dubbed “Texan Alley” on West Washington Street near Big Lots, where 58 units are being constructed. The Lillian Street location was built in two phases — with 22 units constructed in Phase 1 and 62 more in Phase 2.

“We continue to grow as much as we can,” Rhyne said. “We have a great staff that has helped us grow.”

They now have seven full-time employees.

“Rhyne and I started with nothing. We did all the grunt work,” said Sarah, who moved to Stephenville from Weatherford and graduated from TSU in 2006. “Coming from families that had a good work ethic, I feel like where we are today is because we’ve kept our priorities. God first, then family and work third.”

The townhomes are unfurnished, but do feature stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, granite counter tops and backyards with privacy fences.

“We found a need for people liking space, but not in an apartment,” Rhyne said. “We’re very competitive in our pricing.”

The Gaileys are proud of the way they have grown their business, starting out based in their residence when they were pinching pennies just to get by.

“We officed out of the house for several years, so the kids have grown up around it,” Sarah said. “It’s sort of a family business.”

They have three children, all girls — Ella, 11, who will be a sixth-grader at Gilbert Intermediate School; Georgia, 6, who will be starting kindergarten; and 7-month-old Vivian.

Rhyne and Sarah said that in Stephenville they see the same family values that they embrace.

“I love raising our kids here,” Sarah said. “We’re all family here.”

“It’s a good, close-knit community that has family values, with good schools,” Rhyne said.

For more information about Stephenville Rents, call 254-595-1090 or visit their website at www.stephenvillerents.com.