A suspected car thief is dead following a high-speed chase on Hwy. 281 in Morgan Mill. 

The 26-year-old New Mexico man died after crashing a 2002 Dodge pickup he allegedly stole from Discount Wheel and Tire about 2 p.m. Wednesday.  

The stolen vehicle was located in the parking lot of Bargain Town gas station just minutes later, according to a press release from the Stephenville Police Department. 

“As the officer pulled into the parking lot to make contact, the driver accelerated out of the parking lot and headed north on Hwy. 281,” the release states. “The officer initiated a vehicle pursuit and requested assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety and surrounding counties.”

The high-speed chase continued in Morgan Mill where the suspect crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a culvert. 

He sustained severe injuries after he was ejected from the truck, and was transported by air to a Fort Worth hospital when he died en route.