Rex Covington, a former firefighter from Fort Worth, is riding across the country on his motorcycle raising money for the American Diabetes Association in honor of his son, Chris, and will be stopping in Stephenville to participate in the Fourth of July parade.

Chris Covington was diagnosed with type I diabetes in 2003 at the age of 25.

“We were really complexed about that because he was the type of guy who was running marathons and playing soccer every weekend. We found out that it didn’t matter,” Rex said.

In 2015, Chris was driving and blacked out due to low blood sugar, which caused him to drive his car off a bridge. He died in the fiery crash.

Rex was distraught for years after the death of his son.

“For a couple of years, I was in pretty bad shape. I wasn’t doing anybody really any good,” he said.

But one night, Rex had a dream that changed his entire life.

He had a dream that he was riding around the country on his motorcycle and was raising awareness for diabetes. In his dream, he raised $90,000 for the American Diabetes Association in one year.

“It was a real vivid dream because at the end of my ride, I was handing this $90,000 symbolic, huge check to the American Diabetes Association,” he said.

After he woke up that morning, he decided to make his dream become a reality.

On June 21, 2018, Rex began his journey, riding across the country and speaking at various rallies, festivals and events on behalf of diabetes.

Rex drove 20,000 miles last year and 8,000 miles this year. So far, he has raised about $8,000 and although he hasn’t quite reached his goal yet, he has decided to continue his tour around the country until he raises $90,000, just like he dreamed.

Rex will also be in Stephenville’s Fourth of July parade because “that’s a really good way to raise awareness.”

There will also be a big anniversary party at Texas Harley Davidson in Bedford from noon to 5 p.m. on July 13.

“To me, this has been a very healing trip,” he said. “I've met tons of terrific people. I actually helped some people with their kids having type I diabetes and having them contact the right people. It’s been really good. The trip is not easy, but it’s been a very healing experience for me.”

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