DoorDash, the popular on-demand food delivery service, is now in Stephenville.

Users can download the app “DoorDash” to their mobile phones with a list of available restaurants around the area that partner with DoorDash. Users can pay through the app and a DoorDash driver will pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it right to the customer.

Becca Mendez is a Stephenville resident who became a driver for DoorDash after she saw the job listing on Indeed.

“I really think [DoorDash] is going to be very beneficial. We’ve seen a very positive outcome of it already and of course it is summer so most of the college students aren’t here, but we’re seeing a lot of orders from the medical field to construction workers using us. They can’t leave the job site or leave the office. They’re using us to get their lunch to them,” she said.

DoorDash first became available locally on May 29 and some community members are already excited about the new food option.

Rebecca Davis, a Stephenville resident and owner of Kannonball Insurance Solutions, likes that Stephenville now has DoorDash.

“I am usually stuck at the office for lunch and pizza or Jimmy Johns only gets old. Everything that grows Stephenville in a more modern direction is good. I have used it several times already and it’s been great,” she said.

“I’m disabled and it helps me,” said local resident Lauretta d'Avenporte on a social media post. “There are often times I’m unable to go anywhere, or even cook for myself...On those days, I’ll be able to have options...I Love this because It’s an OPT IN service... Restaurants choose to use this service or not. I imagine it brings them more business they wouldn’t otherwise have and it employs people so definitely not bad for [our] economy.”

Restaurants participating in DoorDash include Montana Restaurant, Crawford’s Corner Deli, Peacocks Restaurant, Crazy Thai Cuisine, Enoki Sushi Inc., Chili’s Grill & Bar, The Burger Joint at Graham Central Station, Pastafina, Casa Azteca Mexican Bar and Grill, El Trompo Mexican Grill, Cici’s Pizza, The Agave Bar and Grill, Big O’s Simply Delicious, China King Buffet, Soup and More, Hard Eight BBQ, R&R BBQ, Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant, Reynaldo’s and Rodeo Grounds.

More restaurants are being added daily.

“It’s only been here like two weeks now so everyone is still getting the feel for it,” Mendez said.

DoorDash does not require a delivery fee for the first 30 days with orders over $10. The highest delivery fee is currently $3.99.

“I just think it’s a really good thing that Stephenville finally received DoorDash and I look forward to how it’s going to grow,” Mendez added.

Although DoorDash is increasing in popularity, it is not the only food delivery service in Stephenville. Taxiville and Errand Runners are two other local businesses that deliver food.