Ladies and gentlemen, check your Texas Two Step tickets.

It might be worth a ton of money.

An unclaimed Texas Two Step ticket for the April 11, 2019 drawing, reportedly worth approximately $575,000, was sold in Glen Rose at Wilson Brothers, the Mobil station convenience store. That’s according to store manager Jo Wilson, who along with her husband has owned the store for more than 20 years.

The jackpot for that drawing was $1.15 million, but another winning ticket was sold in Cleburne and has been claimed for that half of the jackpot.

The winning numbers on that April 11 Texas Two Step drawing are 7, 16, 17 and 23, with a bonus ball number of 3.

Wilson said the store has already checked with most of their regular customers who usually play Texas Two Step, and so far none of them indicated they had the winning April 11 numbers on any of their tickets.

According to rules posted on the state of Texas Lottery website, the winning ticket holder has six months to claim the prize.

The website states, “A ticket holder forfeits any claim to a prize for a draw game after the expiration of the 180th day following the draw date. The deadline may be extended for a period of time for certain ‘eligible’ military personnel. Unclaimed prizes revert back to the state for programs authorized by the Texas Legislature.”