Stephenville’s first ever Moo-La Fest was a huge success with thousands of residents enjoying the carnival, bounce houses and hot air balloon rides last weekend.

Emily Russell, who grew up in Stephenville but now lives in Haslett as a teacher and coach, said her favorite thing was “the sight of all of the hot air balloons because Stephenville has never had that before.”

Doug McLemore, a local financial planner, enjoyed the hot air balloons as well.

“I’ve never been able to be around hot air balloons. I brought my kids to see it and it was amazing to watch,” he said.

Katie Kilcoyne is a flight attendant from Stephenville and now resides in Fort Worth. She said her favorite event was the wine tasting.

“I thought the hot air balloons were beautiful. The hot air balloon glow at night was really exciting and I was also excited to see the tethered rides,” she said. “I hope they do it again next year because this has been really awesome. I thought they did a lot of great work and it was a very organized event and family-friendly.”

McLemore and Russell also said they hope the Moo-La Fest comes back next year.

“Stephenville shined this weekend,” said Julie Crouch-Smith, manager of Stephenville’s Tourism and Visitor Bureau. “Honoring our dairy families set the stage for Moo-La Fest. We received heartwarming accolades from our dairy families, balloonists, vendors, musicians, out of town guests and our very own citizens. We appreciate all the sponsors, volunteers and city staff who made this event udderly epic!”