Studio Chroma, a women’s salon focusing on color, was opened by Patty Winters in 2018.

Winters is originally from California and moved to Stephenville five years ago. She started working at Rigg’s Machine and Welding, before realizing she needed a change.

“I remember every day coming home and decompressing, like brushing my horse’s hair or doing something like that and I was like, ‘Wow, maybe I can get paid to do this. Well, I don’t really like horses because they scare me so maybe I'll do it on people,’” she said with a laugh.

She enrolled in Ranger College and after graduating, worked at Special Effects for a short time before switching to another salon.

Then she decided to venture out on her own.

“A lot of other salons, their business concept is just not what I was interested in, so I figured instead of trying to fight the flow, just be the flow,” she said.

Not even six months since it officially opened, Studio Chroma has grown exponentially with five stylists, including Winters, who all strive to bring hair goals to life and create walking masterpieces.

“I think what's nice about it is a lot of times the women that come in here - there’s so many different spectrums - there's the girl that works all of the time and it’s her only chance to have two hours to herself, or you have the housewife that literally never gets out or goes anywhere but her hair is everything because she sits on Pinterest 4 to 5 hours a day looking at hair. You have people that are going to weddings. You have people that are going through divorces. You have people that are going to graduations. There are all of these different things to celebrate and talk about so even though I'm standing in the same spot, it’s like a different thing because they’re taking you through their life,” she said.

Winters designed Studio Chroma to be comfortable and relaxing for clients.

“When I was kind of thinking about designing it, I was like, ‘Man, I really want it to be like being in your best friend’s room where you feel comfortable and you can touch everything and be yourself, but you still feel like everything is super nice enough to where you feel like you’re in a solid environment.’ That’s why we put in a lot of the plants, the water feature. Everything is supposed to be zenned out, relaxing and clean smelling,” she said.

Located at 250 E. Washington Street, Studio Chroma offers shampoo/style; cuts; blow outs; highlights; full color; balayage; ombre; color correction; extensions; prom updos; deep conditioning; waxing and more.

Winters said her favorite service is color.

“Studio Chroma is definitely a color-focused salon. I like to think of ourselves as hair artists because it’s a canvas,” she said. “Hair color has always been what I've gravitated towards. I like cutting hair and I like seeing awesome cuts and things like that but color has always been what I really [love the most] because I also enjoy painting and things. The whole day, yeah, you’re painting, but you’re still getting paid to be an artist every day.”

Studio Chroma also worked as a team and gave back to the community of Stephenville.

They participated in the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day festival and offered to put feather extensions in children’s hair. They raised over $100 and donated the money to the Erath County Humane Society.

Winters said there are a lot of aspects that make Studio Chroma a unique salon.

“All the girls here, they work independently, and I really encourage them to be their own entity. I don’t do commission sales with retail or anything. I want them to be their own boss babe. I want them to manage it. It’s a sink or swim industry and this is definitely the eye opener of it,” she said.

She also said that she teaches at Ranger College and she now has a girl that apprentices under her.

Studio Chroma is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. but Winters said since her stylists are independent contractors, they can take clients at any time.

“When you’re in this industry, you’re not just a hair stylist, you’re a waitress and a therapist and all of these other things,” Winters added.

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