Joseph Borges got a business idea from reading a letter, and it turned out to be like a vision from above.

It wasn’t a heavenly vision but it did involve looking upward — at roadside billboards.

Borges, 33, is a 2004 Lingleville High School graduate who now resides in Stephenville. His parents, Joe and Mary Borges, live between Lingleville and Desdemona. They received a letter from a large advertising company asking permission to put a billboard on the property.

That gave Borges the idea to look into starting his own billboard company. He did online research on how to proceed, hired a consultant, and in February launched Borges Media. His first website ( is still under construction, but he is aiming to have it up and running within the next 30 days.

Borges had long been involved in his family business, but said he likes where his new enterprise is headed.

“They (my parents) taught me about business, and I always wanted to do my own thing and this was the opportunity,” said Borges, who also deals in real estate.

He said he had no marketing or advertising background.

“I’ve been working on this project for a long time. It’s been exciting and I’ve had positive feedback,” Borges said. “I’ve been learning as I go, but it’s fun and exciting.”

Borges so far has one full-size (about 10 feet tall by 20 feet wide) two-sided electronic (LED digital) billboard on the South Loop. It shows ads in a loop, with eight separate spots available within a 64-second cycle. Borges said he also has permission from the city to put in two non-digital billboards, on Harbin Street and Lingleville Highway.

Borges hired someone out of Austin to do the graphic art work for both his conventional and electronic billboards.

Borges is alone in the endeavor for now, other than the graphic artist’s creative contributions. But he said that if the business grows enough, he will consider hiring employees and expanding outside of the Stephenville market.

“Dad’s always told me to dream big,” Borges said. “That’s the vision. That’s the plan.”