The planning for the bond program for Gilbert Intermediate and Stephenville High School was officially completed after Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees held a bid clarification meeting on May 15.

“We’ve had quite a bit of interest. We had quite a few contractors present - general contractors and sub-contractors - that went over some of the scope of the high school improvement and then they took those in attendance on a tour of Stephenville High School and they came back after lunch and basically ran through the same program about the Gilbert edition and then took them on a tour of Gilbert,” Superintendent Matt Underwood said.

Underwood believes that everything will fall within budget, but it’s not a guarantee.

“Basically, Huckabay has worked with three independent contractors regarding pricing and it appears that everything regarding the base bid looks like it’s going to fall within budget, but you never know until that day comes,” he said.

Bids are due for Gilbert Intermediate on May 30 and bids are due for Stephenville High School on June 6.

The bid approval will take place during the school board's June 17 meeting.

“It’s exciting. The planning is complete. The documents are sitting in my office so that’s a good day,” Underwood added.