Stephenville police are investigating another incident of a skimmer found at a local gas station on Tuesday.

Asst. Police Chief Jason Halsey said employees at Discount Mart Conoco located on Lingleville Road called police to report that a technician fixing a gas pump discovered the devices. 

“The employees did an excellent job of letting us know about the issue,” Halsey said. “This is a growing, state-wide problem because of the sophisticated technology of these devices.”

Halsey said there are two devices typically used in skimming. One captures the information from a credit or debit card including the pin numbers, and the second transmits the data to thieves.    

“None of the devices are visible from the machines,” Halsey said. 

Since Tuesday’s discovery, one woman has reported unusual activity on her credit card after using it at the gas station, but Halsey said investigators haven’t been able to connect it to the skimming devices found at Discount Mart.

“The folks doing this are usually groups that are sophisticated with technology and are looking for vulnerable gas stations - places where they can install these devices without being detected.”

He said the devices are much harder to install at busy convenience stores or gas stations open 24 hours a day. 

“(Ag Commissioner) Sid Miller released a great video about this that helps people recognize the signs of skimming and what to look for,” Halsey said. “I encourage people to watch it.”