You know what they say: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

That’s just what Citizens for Responsible Beverage Laws, a group behind the measure to legalize the sale of liquor in Erath County, say they will do after failing to get the required 4,400 signatures of registered voters to get the measure placed on the November ballot.

The deadline was Friday.

But if you think they’re discouraged, think again.

Court Cole, owner of Bull Nettle who helped spearhead the effort, says the group is launching a second attempt.

“We were about 800 signatures short, but we are going to try again,” Cole said. “We learned a lot from this experience, and are not discouraged by the outcome. We realize we also need to go door-to-door as well as leave petitions at local businesses.”

The group kicked off the effort in March with considerable support from local businesses.

Supporters of the measure call the law outdated and say that legalizing alcohol sales will entice new businesses to the area.

Those who oppose the measure, however, say that legalizing alcohol sales will only increase alcohol-related crimes. 

Cole said signatures on the first petition are no longer valid and supporters will have to sign the petition again for their names to be verified.