For over 200 years, people have enjoyed the fascination of hot air ballooning and to this day, the enchantment continues.

Finding a friendly and suitable landing area is a problem as old as hot-air balloon flying, which started in 1783 after French brothers Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier made the first manned hot air balloon flight in Paris.

If you would like to identify your property as a friendly landing zone for the city’s Moo-La Fest hot air balloons, we are asking Erath County residents to lay out a white bed sheet in an open area so our balloonists can spot them from the sky. Balloons will be flying early in the morning on Saturday, June 1.

Locations free from power lines, trees and other obstacles are required for landing. Some ideal landing spots include empty parking lots, golf courses and open fields.

Balloon pilots do their best to be respectful of landowners by avoiding fields planted with crops or pastures with animals.

“The ultimate priority for every hot air balloon flight is a safe landing,” says Josh Sneed, Balloonmeister for Moo-La Fest. “We would love to see lots of white sheets out there because then we will know the landowners have granted permission to land.”